Property Management
Relax Package

Property Management
Relax/”All Inclusive” Package
Some examples of “all inclusive” services that we
currently do for customers are:

  • All administrative tasks, managing and paying for gardener, pool service, cleaning personnel and caretaker.
  • Administrative assistance: paying bills, managing post, insurance, damage reports, tennis or golf membership cards, helping out with taxes and fees.
  • Check in on property every fortnight and after bad weather.
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Necessary purchases before your arrival (fuel or firewood, food and drink, flowers) and put heating on.
  • Calls for tenders for different kinds of work and be present when the work is being done.
  • Ordering cook, catering or concert tickets.
  • In short – everything you may want to avoid using your valuable holiday for yourself.

In addition to these services we can, for a discounted hourly rate, assist in other cases where help is needed.
For instances in case of a traffic accident, communicating with French tax authorities, damage from storms, insurance cases, burglary and others.

Please contact us with your price inquiry.