Hus i Nice - Referanser

We have been clients of Nina and Julien since 2014. We are very pleased with their Property Management.

They check our house every week, arrange before we arrive, pick us up at the airport and and carry out all ongoing maintenance tasks.

We have had great (and invaluable) help in several insurance cases, both for water leakage and burglary. They have also assisted painting jobs and other carpentry work.

We feel very safe leaving our property to their supervision, always finding the house, garden and pool clean and ready when we arrive. We happily recommend their work!

Atle and Aud Eide – Valbonne



Hus i Nice - Referanser

Our newly acquired apartment in Antibes needed renovation of bathroom and kitchen.
We coincidently stumbled upon the website www.husinice.com and thought it very promising. Contact was established and everything concerning materials and craftsmen was arranged by Nina and Julien. Nina also represents us in the residential condominium general yearly meeting.

We are very satisfied with the services provided by Nina and Julien, and will definitely use them again.

Dagny and Arne Hill-Jensen



Hus i Nice - Referanser

We have used the services of Nina and Julien since 2011.
During this period they have been responsible for different tasks.
Painting of the villa and construction of new driveway / parking spaces with cobblestones. Julien has made various purchases for the house, furnitures, appliances, interior decor.

Throughout the year, they take care of our house, perform services where necessary, take care of the mail and all the administrative. They have found us a good gardener, where all communication is taken care of. The same goes for electrician, plumber and other craftsmen.

They always assist when needed, for example when delivering from suppliers.
Every time we come on holiday, the house is freshly washed and if desired, goods are supplied as needed. Julien also brings us from and to the airport in time.

We are very pleased with all the services they provide, and gladly recommend Nina and Julien further.

Kjersti, Opio



Hus i Nice - Referanser

Nina og Julien har jobbet for oss siden 2015. Nina and Julien have been working for us since 2015. They look after our house when we’re not there, they pick us up at airport, and they organise and carry out all  kind of maintenance work, and provide craftsmen when needed.
They follow up and have communcation with the gardner, pool services and cleaning personel. All the communications regarding the Syndic, administration of alarm company, insurance, and  authorities.

We are very pleased with the job they do for us, and we can we can happily recommend their services

Anette Greve Valbonne



Hus i Nice - Referanser

We’ve had an apartment in Nice for 10 years and have been very happy with the help we’ve had from Nina and Julien. They have provided everything from translation during meetings, arranging of meetings and letter writing to more practical tasks. We are very satisfied with their competence and professionalism.

We absolutely recommend their work.

Anne and Tom Vister



Hus i Nice - Referanser

When we wanted to buy a house in Valbonne in 2017, some friends are so recommended Nina and Julien to assist us.
The did all the formal and practical work in an extraordinary way.
We now get very good (and necessary) help with all the administrative work, like communication with the authorities, Bank services, Syndic, out mail, buy a new car and administrative work re. that, furnishing, and organise cleaning, gardening and maintenance.

It is very good for us to know that we can contact Nina or Julien if something happens, big or small problem, and the best of all we will always be met in a positive manner. We can highly recommend them.

Grethe Stange & Alf C. Thorkildsen, Valbonne



Hus i Nice - Referanser

I have used the rental service of Hus I Nice. Having an apartment in Nice that I wished to rentout on a yearly basis, I contacted Julien. He quickly found a very stable and serious tenant. Contract was taken care of, and also deposit and inventory. They helped me pack and store all my personal belongings.

I can recommend Nina and Julien’s services most sincerely.

Faranak Asadi



Hus i Nice - Referanser

Nina and Julien can be most warmly recommended. When hiring an apartment in Nice they can help you with every detail. They always follow up promptly. We have hired apartments from the Karlsens in Nice on many occasions over a period of five years. The service is always splendid, and they even take us to and from the airport.

The apartments that we have hired have always been of a good standard, always clean and well equipped. If you need something special, they will always try to provide it.

We can safely recommend Nina and Julien Karlsen

Morten Gisle Johnsen and Christine Sagen Johnsen



Hus i Nice - Referanser

We have been tenants and clients of Nina Karlsen and Julian Hamidi in almost two years. They are highly service minded people. They take care of housecleaning and laundry, provide airport transport, sightseeing (if you wish for it) and are available 24/7. Our guests and employees are all very happy with their stays in Nice.

Aker Well Service,
Anne Thorsen

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